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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

A portion of all proceeds go to the Gary Sinise Foundation to support Children of Fallen Soldiers.

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Best Seller

Strikepen #1 EDC Tactical Tool

Lightweight, powerful, deadly - there’s a reason the Secret Service and US Special Forces carry a tactical strike pen. This discreet self-defense tool puts confidence in your pocket, knowing you have the safety of a purpose-made instrument at your fingertips.

TACT Bivvy Emergency Survival Compact Sleeping Bag 

The Tact Bivvy Survival Sleeping Bag is an essential Life Saving piece of Tactical Gear for Emergency Situations like being stranded in your Car during a snowstorm or getting lost on a camping or hiking trip. Made of 100% NASA Grade Mylar, the TACT Bivvy 2.0 reflects 90% of your body heat back to you so once you're inside the bag you're instantly wrapped in a cocoon of warmth. 

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Survival Frog Multi-Purpose  Emergency Space Blanket

Survival Frog's Emergency Space Blanket is one of the most amazing survival tools ever invented. Lightweight, Waterproof and Ultra Warm with a super shiny material so Rescuers can notice you if stranded and will act as temporary shelter from a fire or the blazing heat from the Sun.

Tactile Carbon Fiber Wallet

Tactile Carbon Fiber Wallet with RFID Blocking Wireless Theft : RFID blocking protection design, keep your private information and credit cards away from thieves' scanning devices, insure your private property safety. 

Money Clip & Elastic Webbing: The elastic band on the wallet is strong enough to hold up to 15 cards securely. And the metal money clip is able to be replaced, it can hold 15 paper money tightly. The package box contain the screwdriver, if you do not need the money clip, you can screw it off. 

TESLA Coil USB Emergency Lighter 

 Windproof and Smoke Free Tesla Coil Rechargeable Survival Lighters require no flame, no butane, no hassle! This innovative lighter works by creating an electric arc with one press of a button. Simply charge up via USB and you’re ready to go -- Anytime, anywhere you need to get a flame or fire started fast!

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Survival Frog Eco- Friendly USB Quick Heat Rechargeable Hand Warmer

With 3 different heat settings, the USB Rechargeable Hand Warmer will keep your fingers warm and body temperature up so you can avoid frost bite. Perfect for working outdoors, skiing, hunting or anywhere you need to keep warm. Also doubles as a back up battery pack.

Easy Power 6 in 1 Car Escape Tool

The 6 in 1 Car Escape Auto Tool will allow you to cut a seatbelt, break a window, charge your phone, have power on the go, send emergency flashing and give you light when you need it . The Easy Power™ Car Escape Tool made exclusively by Frog & CO™ is a tool you can depend upon for years to save your life or someone elses involved in a Motor Vehicle, Boat or Plane Crash.

Best Seller

EVATAC Combat Bag

Upgrade your Backpack with the EVATAC Combat Bag features a generous 10.6gal/40L storage capacity making it the perfect size to fit all of your belongings, yet small enough for everyday use! This tactical backpack is also as tough as they come! Made from durable 600D polyester with heavy duty "EZ Slide" zippers, padded shoulder straps and back panel, a quick-lock chest strap and 10 separate waterproofed compartments (including a padded laptop or tablet section) so that you can keep all of your gear safe and organized! Featuring versatile backpack webbing and compatible with Molle Storage Systems, easily expand your backpack's capacity and functionality with multiple attachment locations! 

Survival Frog 4 in 1 Pocket Lamp with USB

One light covers it all from a flashlight to a lantern to a candle, the Super Bright Durable Pocket Lamp with Emergency Beacon will give you long lasting light whenever and wherever you need it. No need to carry multiple lamps or extra batteries as it easily charges by Solar Power and with its USB input, can even charge your phone in a jam.

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Evatac Q5 EDC Tactlite

A Flashlight is the most essential emergency and survival tool you can have at your disposal.

The Evatac Q5 Ultra Bright EDC Tactile Flashlight is a compact, durable and essential multi purpose EDC tool with sharp beveled edges that doubles as a self defense weapon if you're attacked. Perfect for College Students, Senior Citizens, First Responders and Everyone.

Best Seller

Eagle Eye X700 Tactical Flashlight

 Made out Aerospace Aluminum, the compact and durable Eagle Eye x700 Tactical Flashlight runs on 2 AA batteries and is able to light the way to safety with 700 blinding lumens of light.

Tactical Laser Sight for Pinpoint Accurate Shooting Everytime

Double your Shooting Accuracy with the compact Tactical Laser Sight. Fits on any Rail on any Gun. Turn your Hand Gun into a Sniper Rifle and never second guess your accuracy again.

SOS 7 Piece Essential Emergency Kit

SOS Survival Kit Includes:

  • Magnesium Firestarter
  • EDC Multitool
  • Compass
  • Sawblade pocket multitool
  • Miniature Chainsaw 
  • Whistle 
  • Flashlight

Everything you and your family need to survive in case of an Emergency.

Best Seller

Ring Relief Ultra Natural Tinnitus Cure Supplement

Ring Relief Ultra is a natural herbal supplement that contains the active ingredient Arnica Montana which is proven to reduce inflammation by improving blood circulation in the ear canal and the health of hair cells in your ears and eardrum to eliminate tinnitus permanently.

Bodylastics Warrior XT Combat Ready Anti-Snap Resistance Band Set

 The Bodylastics Warrior XT Editions were developed after consulting with ex Battlefield soldiers. 

 This Combat Ready Max XT Warrior Edition Set with Patented SNAP Guard Anti -Snap Resistance Bands comes with 14 pieces and 156 lbs of Resistance!

What's included:

-6 Camouflage colored multiple  strength resistance bands ( 1x 3 lbs; Band 1x 5 lbs; 1x 8 lbs; 1x 13 lbs; 1x 19 lbs; 1x 30 lbs)

-TPR Waffle Grip Handles (Set of Two)

-Door anchor

-Ankle straps (Set of Two)

-Small Anywhere Anchor

-Camouflage Carrying bag

-Printed Instructions.   


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The Undetectable Dagger

The Undetectable Dagger is the only Knife you can carry anywhere and no one will know you have. 

Made of fiberglass reinforced polymer which means it's incredibly rigid, much more rigid than normal plastic. Due to it's rigidity it is incredibly strong and light, less than an ounce!  

Some of the most dangerous places you go are places that require you to pass through a metal detector - stadiums, arenas, government buildings, airports. All of these locations are prime targets for terrorist attacks. Wouldn't you feel safer if you could bring your own defensive weapons in with you? Well you can when you have the Undetectable Dagger in your pocket or purse.

Combat Fighter Practical Self Defense Program

Combat Fighter is a step by step practical Self Defense Program taught by U.S. Army Hand to Hand Combat Instructor John Black  that anyone can learn to defend themselves and their family from a violent encounter. 

Duct Tape Brass Knuckles and Other Homemade Legal Self Defense Weapons

Duct Tape Brass Knuckles and 8 other Homemade Self Defense Weapons you already have in your Home to protect you and your family if an intruder comes through your front door.

  Simplicity is the secret here. You already have these items in your home, but never knew how to use them properly. Within 15 minutes you'll have the knowledge, skills and confidence to keep your home safe, no matter what happens.  

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Arm Up System:

Defense of your Gun Rights without Regulation 

Arm Up System shows a simple system that not only protects your existing firearms but also gives you the opportunity to add as many new weapons to your arsenal. Everything without government interference in your personal matters. 

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Wiretapped America: Suriving the CIA's Invasion of your Privacy

A new set of government leaks just exposed what the CIA is really up to...

They’re monitoring us in more ways than we ever imagined. 

Through your smartphone… your TV... even in your car. 

But Frank Mitchell’s new book Wire Tapped America shows you 

how to become invisible. 

Plus, it reveals dozens of places you should NEVER say anything 

you don’t want recorded and used against you later...

BEST PART: He’s giving away 2000 copies FREE to spread the word.

On pg. 30, you’ll learn 7 steps to hide you and your family’s dealings from Big Brother’s prying eyes, permanently.  
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