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CBD, all natural pain relief, drug free, no opioids, chronic pain, back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, sports injuries, arthritis, joint pain, inflammation, tendinitis

Best Seller

Cerisea Medica Natural Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief Supplement

Revolutionary Cerisea Medica contains all  natural anti-inflammatory anthocyannis which are proven to effectively relieve pain and inflammation caused from arthritis and gout

#1 Arctic Blast Natural Arthritis, Back& Joint Pain Relief

The main component of Arctic Blast Pain Reliever is DMSO which allows Arctic Blast Pain Reliever to penetrate deep into the tissues of your muscles and joints, resulting in rapid pain relief.

New & Popular

Toad Venom Natural Pain Relief Patch with DMT 

  100% all natural Toad Venom Pain and Anxiety Relief Patch is a clinically proven safer alternative to prescription drugs to control symptoms caused by Depression, Stress, Pain, Anxiety, Withdrawl, Inflammation and more. Simply attach the patch to your skin just like a nicotine patch and let the healing begin.  Studies suggest that the active ingredient DMT in Toad Venom may combat pain, depression and anxiety just as effectively as Medical Marijuana , requiring a much shorter duration to reap the benefits.  

Nerve Renew Diabetic Neuropathy Support Supplement 

Formulated for maximum effectiveness, Nerve Renew's blend of all Natural B vitamins, D vitamins and super-antioxidant R-Alpha Lipoic Acid stops nerve pain and nerve damage at the source and fast.  

Fibrolief All Natural Fibromyalgia Support Supplement

A complete arsenal against the worst symptoms of Fibromyalgia with an all-natural blend of the most bioavailable forms of herbs, vitamins, minerals and other natural aids that can alleviate pain, inflammation, mental fog, and sleep disorders.

CBDMedic Active Sport Pain Relief

CBDMEDIC™ ACTIVE SPORT™ Pain Relief Stick and Ointment uses menthol and camphor in a proprietary formulation designed to provide SAFE, FAST, and POWERFUL relief to athletes suffering from muscle and joint pain.

Phoenix  Technology Variable Speed Trigger Point Massage Therapy Gun

PHOENIX massage gun is used to relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, promote blood and lymph circulation. For athletes, it can accelerate recovery after workout and exercise injury. For personal or self use, it is a physical therapy gun, which can improve the overall health of the body’s soft tissues, prevent inflammation caused by adhesion between the fascia and muscles.

Best Seller

Ideal Light Home Low Level Laser Therapy Pain Relief Device

  The Ideal Light all Natural Red Light Therapy Safely Heals All Muscle and Skeletal Pain and Injuries without Drugs all from the convenience of your own Home.
It is simple to use – simply wrap the pad around the area you wish to treat, hit the timer and relax.  Due to the size of the Ideal Light pads, the area you can cover is much greater than any other system on the market.  

Infrared Ion Therapeutic Pain Relief Mat and Massage Therapy Hot Stone Deep Heat Pad

Pain Relief Mini Mat MG-3600 –  designed to provide real pain and stress relief to large areas, your back, legs or abdomen. Use it while you are in a chair at work, on the sofa or in bed at night. Adjustable temperature settings create a customized relaxing treatment for everyone.

Best Seller

Edge Soft Tissue Mobility Tool

 The edge mobility tool is complete with different edges for different areas of the body. It is lightweight, has a comfortable grip, and even certified practitioners of the "other" techniques have used it and found it more comfortable and easier to use. It's several tools in one! 

Freeze Sleeve Cold Therapy Compression Sleeve

Revolutionary cold therapy and compression sleeve for sore muscles and joints.

   Provides the recommended cold therapy treatment, without risk of burning or damaging the skin. Can be used on arm or leg.

EDGE Bloodflow Restriction System with BFR Cuffs Leg or Arm and 1 Piece Bladder

With BFR, you want to be working out with blood flow restriction, not full occlusion. The quick release valve and pump have been tested by the manufacturer for thousands of uses and are purpose built for this application.